Seevl – Presentation on reinventing music discovery Tuesday 17th May @7:30 @091labs

The guys from will give a short presentation at the space on their start-up this Tuesday at 7:30pm.

Seevl provides new ways to explore the cultural and musical universe of your favorite artists, and lets you discover new ones by understanding how they are connected. We offer a new and unique music discovery user-experience, whether it is by browsing artists themselves, labels, genres, and more – or by combining these features together. Further, we let you comment every piece of data and engage in conversations about those. Last but not least, and since we love data as much as music, we let you access our data so that you can build application that rock on top of it.

Seevl is a spin-out of the Digital Enterprise Research Institute at the National University of Ireland, Galway. The Digital Enterprise Research Institute is the world’s largest Research Institute working on Semantic Web technologies, and the company brings together several years of R&D on the Semantic Web, Linked Data and Web Science. The company is an outcome of the Lion2 project funded by Science Foundation Ireland.



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