Movie Night – Google i/o 2011 Ignite

We all know what an Ignite event is. We already host 2 Ignites in the labs ourselves, we all know how good this events can be. This evening on what is going to be the last Movie Night in the Exchange House, we are going to show the Google i/o 2011 Ignite. As most of you will know Google just finished to host  their biggest conference of the year, the Google i/o on which for the last 3 years they have an Ignite event for their participants.

In this years Google i/o Ignite we have: Brady Forrest, Kyle Machulis, Matt Cutts, Pamela Fox, Jamie Wilkinson, Patrick Davison, Monica Rogati, Annalee Newitz, Joseph Pred. This year we will learn about the Brain API, the similarities of Disneyland and Burning Man, and a dissection of the Tiger Mom myth. As always the speakers will have just 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of five minutes on stage.

Come down at the space at the usual time of 9pm to enjoy such a great show… See you all there !!!!

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