Crafting Creatures: Recycled textiles’n’stuff workshop

Crafting creatues with missy bonkers

Missy Bonkers in conjunction with 091 Labs is running a series of Crafting workshops combining storytelling elements with crafting skills.

The workshops will feature all the aspects required to develop and create you own Crafted Creature using recycled textiles.

Starting with the premise “There will be a time…” Crafting Creatures takes you on a journey connecting imagination with reality, whilst being eco-conscious along the way.

The workshops are being held at the 091 Labs from 7pm to 9pm starting on Monday 11th of April. Pre-registration is required as spaces are limited. You can register on-line @ or by phone @ 086 1975768.

Subjects covered: storytelling, creature character development, drafting your creature, pattern making, working with recycled textiles, sewing skills (machine & hand).

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