Bike Maintenance Workshop

In honour of this week’s Cycle on Wednesday we’ll be kicking off a basic bike maintenance workshop at 6:30pm this Wednesday 9th. With more and more people getting out on their bikes around Galway we’re mindful that small problems crop up every now and again. Sometimes it’s just a puncture and you know you could probably fix it yourself but aren’t 100% sure how. So, we’re going to take a look at some of these and anything else you’d like to know, assuming we also know how :)

– Fixing punctures
– Brake maintenance
– Chain maintenance
– Very basic gear shifting maintenance
– Putting together a basic toolkit (what you should carry or possess, to be able to get yourself home)

We won’t be trying to turn you into a gear head with this – just trying to give you a little bit more freedom to go with your bike. We’re also going to use this workshop as an opportunity to create and basically equip a small bike maintenance area in the space that people can come to and work on their bikes.

The first meeting will be a discussion on what people would like to learn from this type of course and deciding on the best time to run the weekly workshops. Beyond, the basics we could also talk about useful accessories, making the car-less switch by looking at one ‘utility bicycling’ option.

The workshop will be run on an honour basis; no set fee but if you find it useful a small donation to the Labs would be appreciated a lot.

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