Open Data Hack Day this Sat Feb 19th

As part National Engineers Week 091Labs in partnership with the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) at NUIG are co-hosting an ‘Open Data Hack Day’ to raise awareness of the benefits publishing Open Data has to offer both public and private organisations.

For example governments collects all kinds of information from TDs and Departmental expenses to information on the health of our economy, environment and society. When governments open this data to the public they create greater opportunities for civic engagement and participation in governing processes.

Why Open Government Data?

In the Free Software and Open Source movement there is an expression coined by Eric Raymond termed ‘Linus Law’ The law states that “given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow”
Likewise by pro-actively publishing data Government invites greater oversight and analysis from civil society. Government can then draw on a broader pool of talent and expertise than that which is solely on the pay role. Greater engagement of civil society in the processes of government create greater opportunities for positive feedback in the form of constructive fact based critique. This is the kind of feedback that spurs innovation in Government. Assisting Government and society at large in adapting in a more dynamic way to our changing world.

The first part of the day (10am – 6pm) will consist of a ‘Hackathon’ at DERI where Coders, Hackers, Web Developers are invited to get together to build applications using ‘Open Data’. (Bring your own Laptop) DERI IDA Business Park Dangan. (First block on the left as you enter the IDA business park)

This will be followed by public presentations from 7pm – 9pm at 091Labs including a keynote on ‘Open Government Data’ and project presentations from the earlier Hackathon. 091 Labs, Exchange House, Fairgreen – (On the corner beside the Revenue Office as you turn in towards the Radison)


Of course there are loads of other great events on in Galway as part of Engineers Week and indeed all over the country.
Tog Hackerspace in Dublin will also be hosting a number of events worth checking out if your in that neck of the woods.
To find out whats happening in your area see

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