iPhone/iPad development learning group starts up Wednesdays!


So, its iphone/ipad development time in 091 Labs! A few of us are iphone/ipad developers and we thought we would start this course up for both beginners and enthusiasts so that there can be a designated spot for iphone/ipad people to come together to study, create cool apps, and get help from each other, in Galway.

It’s going to be on Wednesday nights, starting this Wednesday from 7pm – 10pm, and although it would be better if you came every Wednesday, it’s not going to be like a normal course – 091 Labs is a self organising system, and we want it to be a group that you can drop in and out of, to both contribute what you know, and to learn from the group, so don’t expect lectures :) However there will be some course work in the form of videos/walkthroughs of code each night, and there will be some recommended fun app creation stuff, as well as talks from various iphone developers here in Galway on topics that will interest the group.

We are aiming for this to attract two types of people:

+Those who have Java basics and who want to start coding for the iphone but haven’t gotten into it yet and are looking for a cool way to get started.

+Those who have iphone coding knowledge and an idea for an AMAZING app, but haven’t had the motivation to start it, or have tried to make it at home and have gotten stuck, and want to finish it.

We hope for a good mix of people on the night to help each other out when someone gets stuck.

Bring a mac if you have one, if not, just bring yourself and we will team you up with someone who has one until you are forced to buy your own :)

When you arrive, either Ellen or Adrian will talk to you, and see what you level is and get you up and running with the people who are on the same level as you.

This is open to members and non members. The reason we are doing this is because we want Galway to attract awesome developers and interesting, enthusiastic people, so we give our time for free. But we ask for donations (recommended 7 euro per night) for 091Labs so that we can continue to run the space.

If you can come, please sign up here: http://doodle.com/7szwceyyy6miyciz

And you can always email ellen [at] 091labs [dot] com for questions

That’s Wednesdays, from 7-10pm, at 091Labs

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