Co-Working Mondays at 091Labs

All of a sudden, our intentions to partition some of 091 labs from the blistering cold abyss that is the concrete waste land of our winter makerspace, have… well… been realised. We have carpet, (thanks @fflannery), and a door (if plastic counts as a door), and a heater, and so when we heard that some people who work from home were getting cabin fever, we decided to make Mondays a co-working day in 091 Labs.

Co-Working at 091Labs

We started this week, with a lonely 3, which at a certain stage hit a healthy 7 as the day progressed, and it turned out to be more than just the anticipated comfort of having someone to make tea for.

Design tips: “The photos should be bigger, and the text smaller”
Sympathetic ears: “I just found a competitor, I need to launch asap!”
Beta user testing: “Whoops, I shouldn’t have uploaded that 34.6MB file..”
Phone call etiquette: “If it’s a work call, you take it in work” (i.e where you are sitting)

So we are proud to say it was a success, and we shall continue!

Every Monday from 11am 091Labs will be open, to members and non members. You bring your laptop, we provide the wifi, and if you want to leave a donation at the end of your productive, working day so that we can pay the bills, that would be awesome.

See you there!

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