HTML5 co-code sprint this Saturday

There’s an awesome code sprint happening in Brooklyn, NYC this Saturday, so we are joining in here in Galway on Saturday in 091Labs from 4.30.

In NYC this is happening:

“Let’s have a code sprint to work on HTML5 implementation for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.

We’ll work on the HTML5 Base theme, HTML5 form element implementation (in HTML5 Tools + Elements), overall planning & scheming (in preparation for March’s DrupalCon), and whatever else you want.”

So we will be joining them remotely which should be fun!

For us, food will be provided by

You bring a laptop (and a jumper), knowledge about HTML5, and ideas about what we need to do next to get HTML5 support into core; as well as your own ideas on what you’d like to implement in HTML5.

Check out for more info on HTML5, and hopefully we can have more of these in the future!!

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