One to watch: Bill Buxton talk

Bill Buxton Image
Bill Buxton

Bill Buxton, for anyone who doesn’t already know, is a Principle Researcher at Microsoft Research, and before this turns off the linux folk, he is one of my top 10 most passionate and interesting speakers. He has some incredible insight into the history of design of technologies, and a theory called the long nose: he reckons technology inventions have been around in some shape or form for 20 years before they hit mainstream.

At this recent talk in Copenhagen, he talks about the Natural User Interface, NUI: What’s in a name, and it’s well worth a watch for anyone interested in looking at the world with new eyes, especially those interested in interface design and product creation.

He is a collector so he shows some amazing geekery that he has accumulated, including some nifty casio watches that had touch screens way back in 1984.

It’s an hour and 30 minutes of your life you will not regret!

Here is a link again:

P.S: I have his book, Sketching User Experience, for anyone who wants to borrow it, but I want it back! :)

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