Anatomy of a hackerspace site

Since there are hackerspaces popping up all over the world these days, I thought it would be a good idea to give a run down of what plugins we’re using with WordPress to hold the site together. We’ve put a lot of work into trying different things, so I figure I can save others some time.


  • All in One SEO PackSEO features like custom meta tags and titles etc.
  • Exclude PagesAdds a field to each page that lets you exclude it from the nav bar.
  • Google XML SitemapsGenerates a sitemap for search engines
  • Log User AccessLets administrators see a log of site logins with dates and times.
  • StatsThe very useful stats plugin that you see on blogs hosted on
  • WPtouchShows a custom site designed for iPhone/Android/Blackberry devices
  • Youtube Brackets – Lets users embed youtube videos in blog posts using shortcodes.
  • Twitterfeed.comused to automatically post new blog posts and forum threads via RSS to Twitter


  • The login widget on the sidebar is a modified version of “User Login Wiget“. It has been modified to correct some spelling and to allow showing custom links/text when the user is logged in. When a member logs in, the sidebar looks like this:

  • Contact Form 7 is used on the contact page, and for the events form used by members to register events with 091 Labs.
  • Twitter Widget is used to display the latest twitter activity in the sidebar
  • NextGEN Gallery was being used for the photos page, but was somewhat inactive and not working correctly according to some report, so it’s currently disabled.
  • WordPress Google Calendar is used on our Events page to create a feed from the Google calendar. The only downside that I can see is that there’s no way to link to an individual event. Had trouble installing this one for a while, but it turned out to be that the radio buttons in the admin settings have no default selection.
  • WPDoku for the wiki, a wordpress plugin I hacked together that I had planned to release by now, but need to get it working with the new release of Dokuwiki first and tie up a few loose ends. See the wiki page on this for more details
  • Event Espresso Liteused in a sort of roundabout way to allow online registration for new members.


  • Alkivia Open Community is used to let logged-in users see a list of members and look at individual member profiles
  • WPTweet is a plugin I developed to let members update the 091Labs twitter without handing out a single password and full permissions to 30+ people. Again, I was hoping to have it released by now but have been too busy recently. If any hackerspace would like a copy shoot us an email. It looks a bit like this:

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