Something for those of you at home

I will divert, obfuscate, intentionally misinterpret, distract, diffuse, omit, mislead, confound, discompose, perturb, confuse, muddle, lead astray, stall, bewilder, throw off, sidetrack, abstract, fluster and beguile, but I will never, ever lie to you, because lying will communicate my disrespect.

So with this said, I’m going to confide that activity at the Labs has settled over the past month or so. Members concede to the demands of their families, works and university schedules, real-life concerns that are backed up by the frequently horrible weather.

As I have hinted by all of the above, I want to do start a project that allows the participation of all of us who are distributed in time and space: A book club. A classic science fiction book club. There is a literally vast selection of novels and stories available through online repositories such as Project Gutenberg and Book Glutton. If you are interested in joining, email me. Simple as that!

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