Maria Honig and the Southern Ocean

Hey everyone, you should join us for Maria’s talk on Monday at 7pm.

Maria Honig

Sailing away from Cape Town’s shores on the 17th of September 2008, there was no certainty of me visiting all the magical places I had seen in photographs and coffee table books. As a marine biologist and avid seabird lover, it was my dream to observe albatrosses during their short visits to pristine sub-Antarctic islands scattered in the southern ocean.

No sooner had I discovered that it was possible to sail there, I initiated a process that would take me on a voyage that I would never forget. In my talk I will give you a maritime glimpse of my adventures to lands surrounding the most productive oceanic corner of the Southern Ocean, the Scotia Sea. After hitchhiking to the Falkland Islands, I crewed on expedition yachts to South Georgia, the Beagle channel, Cape Horn and finally Antarctica. Notes on the geography, climate, oceanography, history, demographics, wildlife and some quirky stories during my month-long stays will inspire the adventurer in you.

Some boats offered luxury, some boats offered warmth, some boats offered security, but none offered all of the above. The Southern Ocean is an unmerciful force of nature, a challenge for any sailor who dares attempt to discover its glorious jewels!

Please join me, Maria Honig, as I take you through my photographic quest.

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