The Eclectic day at the Labs.

I have always wanted to have a physical space where I could go and have interesting discussions with people and learn from amazing projects touching a wide range of disciplines, and finally I have it at 091labs.

Tomorrow something really cool is going to happen at the hackerspace: it’s the day when a truly diverse, eclectic mix of people will come together to learn from each other, and everything kicks off at 1 pm.

Emma Creighton’s Jogo project struck me when I first saw it at 3DCamp in Dublin. She built it in a desire to explore different ways that an interactive platform could stimulate physical and social play between adults and children, instead of through the screens of video games. She is coming along and bringing Jogo with her to talk about the process behind it, and how it works.

Dave McKeown from spoke twice at Ignite Dublin. He is passionate about exploring the human sense of achievement that comes from creating and making things. He is coming to talk, and he is bringing super cool solar powered robot kits with him, for 10 lucky folk to piece together in the true spirit of people coming together to make things. Make night by day.

If that wasn’t enough, after all that there will be an art performance by local artists and a poetry smack down to top off the evenings events.

Don’t miss out on the day. Come along, get involved, make something, share something, and very importantly have fun!


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