Introduction to Linux – Summary

As part of 091 Labs’ series of workshops for Irish Hackerspace Week, one event for which we received a great deal of positive feedback was our “Introduction to Linux” class, tutored by Matthew Kolder, Barry Coughlan and Aaron Hastings. The class, which we are looking to hold more of in the future, covered the very basics of Linux and Ubuntu (our Operating System of choice) – installation, initial setup, cool applications and benefits of running Linux over Windows and Mac.

By putting an 091 Labs laptop and an Ubuntu disc in front of each attendee, we guaranteed that everyone could get hands-on with the system, while having comfort in the fact they weren’t messing up their own computer.

A summary of the topics covered can be found on our Wiki, at the following link:

Introduction to Linux – Summary

If you would be interested in attending a future “Introduction to Linux” event or have any suggestions for Linux or Ubuntu-themed workshops, we’d love to hear from you at

Author: Aaron Hastings

Aaron is an 18-year old IT student at NUI Galway. He is a dedicated computer nerd and a massive Star Trek fan. He considers himself a recovering Windows user, having recently switched to Ubuntu 10.04 and hasn't looked back. His other interests include playing tennis and watching television and movies. He loves college life and socializing with friends, be it out on the town or in a smelly student apartment. You can follow Aaron on Twitter @thecosmicfrog Aaron's blog can be read at:

3 thoughts on “Introduction to Linux – Summary”

  1. I’d be interested in going to a Linux workshop. It would be nice if there was something useful being thought with a particular focus on the command line. Installing from source, how to use the command line properly, apt-get (not sure if that’s in *buntu though…), grep etc.

    I couldn’t make this workshop so I can’t offer any feedback on it but as I’ve said already, I’d defiantly be interested in these events so I hope this goes ahead. Good Luck :D

    1. Hi NotMyFault,

      Myself and Matthew will sit down (possibly in a proverbial sense) and discuss what to teach at the next tutorial. As you can imagine, the biggest attraction for most people is a straightforward, dead-introduction to Linux, where we explain the very basics.

      At the same time, I can imagine there would be a bit of interest in the “intermediate stuff”, such as apt-get, installing from source (tar.gz packages are dangerously common when installing Linux software…) and command line stuff.

      Depending on what interest we get over the next few weeks, we’ll decide what the next Linux Tutorial should be focusing on. But I think I can say with a good degree of confidence that we WILL be covering the aforementioned “intermediate” stuff at some stage, if even for some benefit to myself!

      If you have any other ideas or comments, feel free to reply again!

      Aaron, 091 Labs

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