Converting a PC Power Supply to a workbench power supply

To all of you electronics heads out there, you’re probably aware that workbench power supplies that can give you the common 5V/9V/12V outputs are pretty expensive.

Gerry Kavanagh will be running a workshop on converting the Power Supply from an old PC into a workbench power supply, a very useful tool for anyone into electronics.

ATX Bench Supply

What would cost you €70+ in the shops can be built for around €15 worth of parts if you have an old PSU lying around.

The workshop will take on Friday August 20th from 11am to 1pm.

Admission and Pre-booking

As we have to buy the materials in advance, please be sure to pre-book for this workshop by Sunday August 15th. Pre-book by using the contact form (just to let us know you’re attending). If paying through Paypal use the ‘Donate’ button to your left add 5% to the cost for Paypal fees. If paying by cash let us know in the contact form and we’ll arrange that.

Admission (includes cost of materials ~15 euro):
Members: €18
Unwaged/Student: €22
General Public: €25

Full details of the workshop are on our calendar here.

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