June 8th Meetup

Thanks to everyone who made this weeks community meetup. Tom shared the Beetlecam project which brings a fresh perspective to wildlife photography. We hope to have Will chat over skype at a future meetup to answer many of the questions raised. Naomi spoke about mobile computing and robotics in Japan and how the spaces are co-evolving. Conversations continued long into the night on subjects ranging from federated identity to 3DTV to speech recognition.

Everyone agreed on the temporary space currently on offer. We are working on finalising details in time for our June 8th community meetup at the Galway Bakery Company. Come upstairs to the back section when you arrive and we will order from there. Congratulations to our friends in TOG on their new space in Dublin. This months Open Coffee Galway takes place Friday at 11:00am in Webworks.

2 Replies to “June 8th Meetup”

  1. Just got your message on the Wired Gaming site (I don’t have access to my RabidDog account, not since the password reset).

    I’ll be along on Tuesday, all going well. I’ve been meaning to attend a meeting anyway.


    Mark (aka RabidDog, Faerdan, Wired Gaming etc.)

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