June 22nd Meetup

When we held our first weekly community meetup back on March 2nd we spoke about one day getting a place to call home. Since then we have met every Tuesday and kept that dream alive. Week by week we have grown stronger as a group. When we needed encouragement people like Mitch Altman and John Breslin took an interest in our project and recharged our batteries. At every step of our journey Jeffrey and all the TOG crew were there to offer support and advice.

Today we signed the lease on a ground floor unit in Exchange House on Fairgreen Road. Located in the centre of Galway City we are close by the bus terminus and train station. We would like to thank Sarah at Fairgreen Block Management, Enda at AIB and Sam at Baseplan for making this possible. It will be a busy weekend moving in and getting the place setup in time to play host for our next weekly community meetup 7pm Tuesday, June 22nd. If you cannot make Tuesday nights then get in contact to arrange an alternative time to visit and say hello. We shall be adding an activities page with details of upcoming classes and events at 091 Labs over the coming days.

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  1. Congrats guys. Well done for keeping the spirit alive and all the effort involved in finally getting Galway’s own Hacker”space”. Apologies I haven’t been around for the past few weeks (changed circumstances), but I have been following the activities and spreading the good word whenever possible. I look forward to catching up in person ASAP. Well done again all of you ;-)

    1. Hi Wes good to hear from you, we’ll be having our weekly meetup on Tuesday or if you can’t make it just let us know when you’re available and we’d be happy to show you around!

  2. Well done on getting the space and starting the work. It is hard work to get off the ground but can be lots of fun. Best wished from another tog member :)

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