June 15th Meetup

Thanks to everyone who made this weeks meetup. A lively conversation took place about the FUD surrounding the fragmentation of the iPhone and Android platforms. Anthony and Bill recommended watching coverage of Google I/O 2010 and spoke about various apps currently in development for the Android platform. With the growing number of Android handsets among members it was suggested we setup an 091 Labs alpha tester group. Mark and Ush spoke about their experiences with open game development engines and where things are heading. Our next community meetup is 7pm Tuesday, June 15th at the Galway Bakery Company. Come upstairs to the back section when you arrive and we will order from there.

Some of us went along to TEDxGalway on Friday which was well organized by Iain MacLaren and his team. Astrophysicist Mike Redfern kicked things off channeling Galileo, historian Aileen Fyfe spoke about the repurposing of technology during the Victorian steam driven information revolution, dramatist Lionel Pilkington spoke about performance and performativity, poet Louis de Paor, piper Ronan Browne and singer NaisrĂ­n Elsafty recreated a seamless live performance of their studio mashup project, Abhay Pandit spoke about the modern day challenges of designing and building biomaterials, Jenny Beale spoke about her creation of Brigit’s Garden and Lokesh Joshi brought TEDxGalway to a close by topping up everyones sugar levels with a great talk on Glycoscience.

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