Week of Diaspora

This week belongs to Maxwell, Daniel, Raphael, Ilya and their Diaspora project. In 12 days they reached their target of $10,000 for a summer project to build an open source personal web server that will put individuals in control of their data. As of today donations are up to $142k with 18 days still remaining. There are a number of projects already in existence to build upon – FOAF and SIOC are two worth checking out. If you guys want to learn more about them have a chat with John Breslin when he is next in NYC on June 3rd. We will follow your Diaspora project with interest over the summer!

Thanks to everyone who made this weeks meetup. With some members getting exams out of the way this month its time to focus on getting a place to call our own in June. This will be discussed at our next community meetup 7pm Tuesday, May 18th at the Galway Bakery Company. Come upstairs to the back section when you arrive and we will order from there. Upcoming events this weekend worth mentioning are Drupal Camp Ballyvaughan which runs May 15th-16th. Our friends at TOG are running a synchronicity hackathon May 15th – 16th. We will sign off this week by wishing Cathal and Niamh who are getting married this weekend good health, happiness and hacking all the days of your lives!

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  1. I actually came about the Diaspora Project a few days ago when I was looking into the Gnu Social. I also came into few other interesting ones: Statusnet, OneSocialWeb, OpenSocial, Google Wave and a few others a can remember but this were the better looking ones. Really interesting, perhaps something to consider for ourselves.

    1. Hi heepie thanks for letting me know about the comment issues. I have cut and pasted all of yours into one comment. Will checkout what you mentioned. Lets chat more about the above on Tuesday.

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