Best way to predict our future is make it

Many thanks to everyone that made our weekly meetup. Dara demoed his arduino and the cube kit he built to use with it. We spent half the meetup talking about how it worked, what it could be used for and how 091 labs could make their own for a couple of euros! People leaving were talking about digging out their old lego and meccano kits and seeing how they might be repurposed with an arduino. Our next community meetup is 7pm Tuesday, May 25th at the Galway Bakery Company. Come upstairs to the back section when you arrive and we will order from there.

If you are in Dublin on May 25th join David McKeown at the 4th Make Night 6-8pm at the Science Museum. Congratulations to Iain MacLaren on tickets for TEDxGalway selling out in 24 hours. We need to chat with Iain about getting a Spacehack stream going at 091 Labs later this year. Tom Murphy shared a very timely link to a one-on-one interview with Dale Dougherty. Great to see Nick Bilton tuning his NYT readers into the maker community. Looking forward to Maker Faire Ireland happening some day in the not too distant future. After all the best way to predict our future is make it.

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